Cheering in a Crowded Empty Room

Welcome to Kosty’s Corner!

No, I don’t have a sharp-dressed, veteran national treasure on the left for comedic relief. Or the smooth, calm narrative voice of the guy on the right. But we can all aspire to find a voice as iconic as those two.

Sports are the last form of pure, unfiltered reality entertainment. They are an infinite source of characters, story lines, plot-twists, happy endings and tragedies. For the less dramatic, they provide a wealth of statistics, ripe for analysis, trending and predicting future outcomes.

I’ll be posting my opinions, analysis and stories on baseball, football and hockey in the form of raw ramblings on this site, and hopefully find my feet as I go. Along the way, I hope that you find something you can relate to or enjoy.

To quote Grapes himself:

“A million comedians starving to death and you’re trying to be one” – Don Cherry

Well, there’s a million people talking sports on the internet, but I need to do it. My girlfriend would really like to talk about something else.

If you want to comment on something, chat, argue, or scream at me your best bet is @kKostyy on Twitter!

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